About Mathematics and Informatics Center

The importance of capabilities in mathematics and data science has been rapidly expanding in various fields, including the field of humanities. We need to nurture people with such capabilities. Thus, Mathematics and Informatics Center (MI-Center) is aiming at growing human resources capable of grasping the problems in our society, solving the problems, and creating new values. For this purpose, MI-Center is establishing a comprehensive educational foundation of mathematical methods, data science, and information technology using “mathematics” and “informatics” as the warp, and “application development” as the weft.

MI-Center is one of integrated research systems at The University of Tokyo, affiliating Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Graduate School of Science, Graduate School of Engineering, Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences and Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies.

The center consists of four departments shown in Fig. 1: Department of Mathematical Informatics, Department of Basic Mathematical Education, Department of Informatics Bases, and Department of Application and Development. Department of Mathematical Informatics develops a systematized educational foundation focused on mathematics and data science. Department of Basic Mathematical Education structures the basics of mathematics and consolidates a systematized education of basic mathematics. Department of Informatics Bases streamlines bases of informatics necessary for realizing applications and structures courses needed for building systems. Department of Application and Development promotes the expansions toward various fields including humanities. In addition, the center structures and systematizes the curriculum from comprehensive viewpoints.